Copenhagen. Denmark’s Prince Joachim, the youngest son of Queen Margrethe II, will move with his family to the United States next summer to work as a military attaché at the Danish embassy in Washington, the Royal Household said on Friday.

Joaquin, 53, now serves in a similar role at the Danish embassy in Paris, the city he moved to in 2019 with his wife, Princess Marie, and the couple’s two children, Enrique, 13, and Athena, 11.

His new role, which he will hold for at least three years, aims to “strengthen” military cooperation between Denmark, the United States and Canada, the Royal Household explained in a statement.

The announcement comes months after Joaquin began a public spat with his mother when she decided to strip her son’s offspring of the prince and princess titles, a move that became official on January 1.

The Royal House justified the decision at the time by the Queen’s wish that these grandchildren could build their “own lives” without the obligations of the institution, but neither Joaquin nor his family reacted positively.

“It makes me very, very sad to see them grieving and not understand what happened to them,” said Joaquin at the time, who spoke of the “punishment” and hinted that his relationship with his mother was poor.

Margaret II responded a few days later in a statement regretting the reaction and saying she had “underestimated” the effect of her decision, although she had not reversed it, also calling for the monarchy to adapt to the times.

“No one should doubt that my children, daughters-in-law and grandchildren are my great joy and pride. Now I hope that as a family we can find peace of mind and a way out of this situation,” he said then.

The decision to strip the princes of their titles, although they retain the title of Counts of Mompez through their French-born grandfather, also affects the two children Joaquin has from his previous marriage to Countess Alejandra: Nicolas, 23, and Felix, three minors. .