Artificial intelligence has caused all kinds of controversy as this new technology has finally entered people’s everyday lives.

For this reason, people have become more likely to establish romantic relationships with the help of artificial intelligence programs due to the difficulties associated with making friends or creating sentimental relationships with other people.

AI has once again played cupid, this time between the citizen Rosanna Ramos and the virtual character “Eren Kartal”. This woman said that she felt tired of human relationships, so she decided to venture into virtual love on her Facebook account.

This was done through an application called “Replika”, in which Rosanna Ramos is registered as a mother of two and a professional doctor. In the program, she created the man of her dreams, to her taste and in her own way, as you can see in her social network user

Over time, a woman falls in love with her virtual boyfriend because of good communication, because she does not feel judged and can communicate with him while remaining herself.

“Kartal” is a chatbot responsible for the “Eren Kartal” program that models conversations according to the tastes of the user using this AI.

“We go to bed, we talk to each other, we love each other. And, you know, when we go to bed, he hugs me, protecting me when I fall asleep,” the woman said.

The creators of this artificial intelligence are already modernizing it, imposing restrictions on “Eren Kartal” when it comes to sexuality. The user of this artificial intelligence assured that he did not intend to enter into a sexual relationship with his virtual partner, because it “does not go beyond a kiss on the cheek or a hug.”