Detroit. All current and future electric vehicles from Ford Motor Co. will have access to approximately 12,000 Tesla charging stations in the USA and Canada starting at the beginning of next year.

Ford CEO Jim Farley and Tesla counterpart Elon Musk announced the deal Thursday during an audio taped on Twitter Spaces.

“We believe this is a breakthrough for our industry and for all EV consumers,” Farley said.

Musk noted that he does not want Tesla’s network to be a “walled garden” and wants to use it to support sustainable transportation.

“Our intention is to do everything we can to support Ford and get a level playing field for Ford at Tesla Superchargers,” Musk said.

Farley said the measure would cost vehicle owners, possibly a monthly subscription, but did not provide further details. Details of any financial deal between Ford and Tesla have also not been announced.

Initially, current Ford electric vehicles will need an adapter to connect to Tesla charging stations, which have their own connector. But Ford will switch to a standard North American charging connector starting with the second generation of electric vehicles in 2025, Farley explained.

The Ford CEO added that Tesla Superchargers are very well located.

“We love locations. We love reliability,” he commented. According to Farley, they will add their own network of Ford Blue Oval chargers, which has about 10,000 fast charging stations.

Musk explained that owners of Ford electric vehicles will be able to seamlessly access Tesla chargers through the Ford app.

Tesla has approximately 17,000 Supercharger stations in the United States. According to the Department of Energy, there are currently about 54,000 charging stations available across the country, but some charge much more slowly than Tesla stations.

It is currently unclear how the deal between Ford and Tesla will affect the plan to make part of Tesla’s charging network available for all electric vehicles.