New York Jaylen Brunson scored 24 points after returning from a left leg injury to lead the way The New York Knicks beat the Denver Nuggets 116-110 on Saturday.

Brunson scored 16 points in the first quarter to give the Knicks a quick lead and was strong again late to help them turn around a 13-point deficit in the second half.

New York was protecting a two-point lead when it made two free throws with 43 seconds left and came out with the ball before hitting a jumper Mitchell Robinsonwho scored with 24 seconds to go.

Brunson has missed five of the last six games and played just half of the other game due to injury. With his base back, The Knicks won their third straight game, improving to a guaranteed 42-20 record for their second winning season in 10 years.

As part of the Nuggets, Nikola Jokic scored 24 points, made 10 rebounds and eight assists, who lost five out of six matches. Jamal Murray had 25 units.