Miami In three years, Francisco Lindor He’ll be 32, about the average age the core of Puerto Rico’s team will be when the next World Classic rolls around.

Well, they have too Martin “Machete” Maldonado, WHO He hopes to hit the next classic at the plate.

Maldonado is 36 years old and has good prospects for the next Clasico. According to what he noted, if 2023 was a good year, despite the absence of key players and all the difficulties encountered during the preparation of the team, Maunabeño is convinced that 2026 will be better.

“You have to count on Puerto Rico,” he said.

Francisco Lindor captained Puerto Rico in this edition of the World Classic. (Carlos Giusti/Staff)

Health-wise, Puerto Rico will be able to count on Lindor, Javier Baez, Carlos Correa, Eddie Rosario, Jose Berrios and Edwin “Sugar” Diaz to arrive in 2026 and be ready physically and emotionally.

Likewise, talents such as Emmanuel Rivera, Jose Miranda, MJ and Melendez, among others, will be at full strength, while new talent will emerge from the Puerto Rican player base and make themselves known.

A righteous Berrios can envision a blend of maturity and youth in 2026.

“The future looks great. Young people have talent. MJ Melendez, Nelson Velázquez, Vimael Machín, who is 29 years old in the Major Leagues and has talent since childhood, or Neftalí Soto. (Also) there are those who have done it before: Lindor, Kike, Machete, Xavi…” he said.

Yadier Molina said he will always be available for Puerto Rico.
Yadier Molina said he will always be available for Puerto Rico. (Carlos Giusti/Staff)

leader Yadier Molina it will also be available three years after it was first tested here. for the next World Classic, he will have three more years of managerial experience, either in winter baseball or in major league organizations.

“I will always be available for Puerto Rico, at your service. I love such tournaments. I will learn a lot,” said Molina, who has been an active player or manager in five editions of the Clasico.