Details are always written in small letters.

Thousands of Puerto Rican fans and fans of other nationalities who bought tickets to the quarterfinal game on Saturday, March 18, hoping to see Puerto Rico at Loan Depot Park in the World Baseball Classic, got a surprise that On Saturday, not Puerto Rico will play, but the USA against Venezuela.

On Thursday night, following the Americans’ triumph, the WBC announced a change of dates that would see Rubio’s team play Friday night against Mexico on Saturday, moving the United States’ match against Venezuela to Saturday night.

This has sparked an outpouring of outrage from fans on the Island and abroad who have invested in plane tickets, hotel accommodation and tickets to be able to witness the game, but now they will see a challenge that will not be what they expected.

Those claims appear to be up in the air, with Classic not providing information on what, if anything, can be done with the tickets or what safeguards will be in place.

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But in the end, the Fox network used its power as the holder of the rights to broadcast the World Baseball Classic to carry the games of the United States, the defending champion, because it worked best. And, it turns out, he installed it from the beginning of the tournament.

A graphic shared on the Clásico website from the start contained the caveat in fine print that if the United States advanced to the second round, they would play in the second leg of the quarter-finals. That is, the one on Saturday.

There was another report that indicated that if Japan advanced, they would play in the second leg of the quarter-finals regardless of whether they finished first or second in Group B.

In fact, the remarks sparked a backlash on social media, which questioned the pageant’s integrity when it made similar demands before the telecast. Some have ventured to claim that it was specifically for the American team.

But, judging by everything, it was about a calculated rating movement.