Champions Pinkin de Corozal claimed their fourth straight win with a win Santur crabs on the court of Carmen Zoraida Figueroa.

It was Santurce’s fourth straight loss in the 2023 regular season Senior Women’s Volleyball League (LVSF).

The Monarchs took three points (20), winning with markers 25-20, 25-13, 19-25, 26-24. Santurce and Corozal remain in their former positions, occupying third and fourth places, respectively. This was the only game of the evening.

Corozal, which won the first two sets, could not stop Santurce’s drive, which stole the third set, 25-19. Pinkins returned to the court in the fourth set to dominate 8-6 and 16-13.

Santurce, for his part, wanted to take the fifth set and closed the gap at 16-15, 20-17 and 22-20 before tying the score at 24-24. The champions then showed their hunger and took out the scissors to shut down Cangreheras to win 26-24 and the match.

From Corozal, Paola Santiago scored 26 points, including three on direct serves; Adana Rollins contribution 18, four in blocking; and Ronika Stone 13, three in blocks.

Madison Kubik Santurce scored with 13 points, Genesis Collazzo contribution 11, three in blocks; Gina Mancuso he had 11, three in blocks; and Neira Ortiz he managed nine, seven in attacks, a block and an ace.