Fajardo. Boxer subriel matias His fellow citizens welcomed him as a hero.

The new International Boxing Federation (IBF) 140-pound champion was targeted for recognition at Fajardo City Hall four days after he scored his first career five-round TKO win over Argentina’s Jeremias. Ponce during a billboard in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

On Wednesday, Fajardo Mayor Jose Anibal “Joey” Melendez opened the doors of the municipality for a breakfast with staff and later presented Matias with a proclamation that includes some of his history and recent exploits in the ring.

Subriel Matias (left) punishes Jeremias Ponce during their fight on February 25 in Minneapolis. (Esther Lin/Showtime )

I am very grateful, because I did not expect such a surprise“, Matias admitted. “To be a world champion is something I saw years ago and to achieve it after so many failures is nice.“.

Matias took the opportunity to emphasize that Juan Orengo, his promoter, was a key figure to stay on track until he accomplished his mission. Orengo was the one who insisted to Matias that it would be ideal to stay in Mexico for nine months, training against Ponce.

“On the way, I met the right people at the right time. Without them, none of this would have happened.” “

During the activity, Orengo mentioned that the initial plan is for Matias’ first starting defense to come at Fajardo.

“There is no city that convinces me more than Fajardo. I’ve already talked to the people at Showtime and we’re well on our way.“, Orengo said.