Florida. Former Major League Baseball player Carlos Beltranwill begin work as a special assistant to the general manager of the New York Mets starting next week’s spring training for position players, Beltran himself announced Monday at his baseball academy in this municipality.

“Part of the contract is a trip to spring camp. It’s very important to me because in the job that I’m going to do, you can’t wait until the season starts to start building relationships,” Beltran said.

The former Mets shortstop, among six other organizations, said he has yet to sign a contract, preventing him from saying what his responsibilities will be as an assistant to general manager Billy Eppler.

But he announced that his duties will include speaking with Mets coaches, including Joey Cora as third base coach, and speaking with the team’s players, including the special guest at tonight’s event at the Carlos Beltran Baseball Academy and High School, shortstop Francisco Lindor. from Caguas.

“I made an agreement with them. I did not sign the contract. I will help the organization with everything I have learned during my career. I will also be useful to the coaches and players. It gives me that opportunity and I feel comfortable in that position,” said Beltran, who years ago was an assistant to Yankees general manager Brian Cashman.

Lindor points out that Beltran will be a big help because he can teach a lot of players the conditioning system that he had as a player and that he can communicate to the players.

“Beltran has a way of training that I think is unique. He will help the coaching staff with things that they don’t see because they have too many things. And I have a good relationship with him. So when I get lost, I already know he’s going to be there,” Lindor said.

The opportunity to return to the Mets comes three years after the organization revoked Beltran’s hiring as manager amid revelations of a sign-stealing scandal involving the Houston Astros in 2017 and 2018, when Beltran was part of a World Series-winning team in the first of these two years.

The early return confirms Beltran’s good name, which continues to precede him in the Major Leagues.

“I’ve spent so many years building relationships so that people know what I can do and why I can contribute. I’m a person who likes to talk to people, and after all, I’ve played in seven organizations, and that paves the way for you. I feel extremely blessed,” says Beltran.

Naturally, the new experience with the Mets could lead to Beltran getting a second chance at managing in the big leagues.

Beltran confirms that possibility, but isn’t considering it at this new stage in the Mets front office.

“Now, when you have the opportunity to share with your family, it’s a very beautiful moment. The job I am about to get gives me the opportunity to work with my family and the Academy. But directing is never ruled out in the future,” he said.