Puerto Rico’s offense responded early to the schedule change and got the team in the same two-run first inning, adding three in the top of the fifth, and Indios de Mayaguez emphatically eliminated Leones del Caracas for its first Caribbean victory. Gran Caracas 2023 series.

With the result and the Curaçao Wildcats’ win over the Mexico City Cañeros, the eight teams in the Caribbean Series now have a 1-1 record. Panama beat Colombia 6-1 in the first hour on Friday, while the Dominican Republic dominated Cuba 3-1 in the second.

Outfielder Danny Ortiz had two RBIs in the game and starting pitcher Brayden Webb pitched 3.2 innings with three hits and one earned run for Puerto Rico. Ricardo Vélez took charge of the team and calmed down the blows of the Venezuelan champions.

During the game, Indians leader Mako Oliveras left the first five of the “schedule” in the same position, but against Venezuela he put Brian Navarretto sixth, Ruben Castro seventh, Gabriel Cancel eighth and Robi Enriquez ninth.

Edwin Diaz was placed at shortstop, Castro served as the designated hitter, Cancel covered second base and Enriquez played right. Jeremy Rivera and Anthony Garcia did not see action.

The Puerto Rican bats woke up early to Major League pitcher Julis Chasin, who opened with a walk off Brian Torres. Emmanuel Rivera followed the order and found a fastball from Chasin that ripped through center field and flew over the fence to leave the Indios on second and third.

Vimael Machin flied out to the catcher for the first out and Edwin Diaz hit a no-hitter before Ortiz hit a short fly ball to second in right field that dropped and allowed Torres and Rivera to step to the plate to go up 2-0 .

In the top of the second, the Puerto Ricans saw Ruben Castro reach base on Chasin’s wild throw to first, and he reached his third sack of the game.

After Kensel struck out, Enriquez hit a hard drive to first base that turned into a double and allowed Castro to step on the rubber to put Boricuas up 3-0.

The hosts responded in the bottom of the fourth with a single by Isaias Tejeda, which immediately started a shootout. Isles pitcher Whalen was able to strike out Osvaldo Arcia and Hernan Perez later to put the inning on point. But he walked Jose Rondon to put runners on first and second, and Wilson Ramos, the next batter, hit a single that scored Tejeda to make it 3-1.

In the sixth, La Tribu scored three more times, taking advantage of his opponent’s mistakes and being patient at the plate.

Once again, Brian Torres led off the pitch. During Emmanuel Rivera’s out, Torres stole second base and stepped on the rubber, driving Machin’s double through center field to make it 4-1.

Edwin Diaz was able to reach base on a fielder’s choice with a groundout that Machin improvised and managed to reach third safely. This game marked the departure of Chasin, who was replaced by Japson Gomez.

With one out and men on first and third, Ortiz was able to reach first safely, driving down the same zone that loaded the bases for Puerto Rico. Navarretto hit a line drive to third, but it went right into the glove of Venezuelan third baseman Hernan Perez.

And on the next at-bat, Castro also hit a ground ball to first base that was mishandled, allowing him to reach first base safely and drive in Machin from third to make it 5-1.

With the bases loaded, Venezuela chose to retire Gomez and replace him with Yoimer Camacho, who Gabriel Cancel battled to work a pitch and allow the Puerto Rican to walk the sixth inning at Diaz’s feet.

In addition to the excellent performance of starter Webb, substitutes Ricardo Velez, Jose Espada, Carlos Francisco and Ricardo Gómez allowed Venezuela just one shot the rest of the way.