The Puerto Rico, 10 km run across the Teodoro Moscoso Bridge returns on April 16 with new goals for the total number of registered runners, charitable assistance and logistics similar to those of 2022, when it celebrated its return with more than 5,200 runners.

The second edition of the race was officially announced this Tuesday in a press conference with the participation of the organizers Puerto Rico Events and the joint tourism company, Telemundo, the municipality of San Juan and Auto Pistas.

The exam starts again at 6:00. The race director is the experienced Freddy Rodriguez.

With the test of the presenter of Telemundo, Alexandra Fuenteswho ran the 2022 Puerto Rico 10k Run and who will run the route again on April 16.

“To be able to combine my passions, to combine my family with work, helping charities and running fills me with great joy,” said Fuentes, who described the 2022 race as a success thanks to the energy of the runners, the weather and the good conditions. organization, among other factors.

Hosts JD, Gil Marie Lopez, Alexandra Fuentes, Alex DJ and Raymond Arrieta attended the 2022 edition of the Puerto Rico 10K Run. (Facebook)

In 2023, the Puerto Rico 10k Run will add a second organization to which $5 from each runner’s registration will be directed. The new organization is the Trauma Assistance Foundation. The recurring subject is the “Pediatric Hospital” Foundation.

In 2022, the Children’s Hospital Foundation benefited from the Puerto Rico 10K and its executive director, Rebecca Quinonesdetailed what the 2022 runners brought to the kids to motivate runners to re-register at a press conference.

“The project, which is not yet finished, will help those children who spend a lot of time in the hospital, maybe months, to have a space where they can be children again, that is, play,” Quiñones said to illustrate how they help. runners during registration for the Puerto Rico 10k Run.

Registration for the race is now open at The cost is $55 and includes a t-shirt and participation medal, as well as benefits they receive from commercial booths that deliver food or supplies after the event. After March 31st, registration will be $65.

There will be 14 categories, all of which will have cash prizes for the top three finishers in each category, with the exception of the open category, which will reward the top five runners in each category.

The inscriptions already register the participation of about 1,000 runners two and a half months after the race.

This early registration has Puerto Rico Events thinking they will surpass 5,200 registrations in 2022 and raise the bar to over 6,000 attendees next April 16th.

“For the press conference, 894 individuals and 200 legal entities, which pay their employees for registration, have already been registered. So today we have 1,100 paid people,” said Pedro Zorilla of Puerto Rico Events and COO of GFR Media. “Now Oleksandra wants 7,500 runners to register. I want everyone who ran last year to fall in love with them so they can run again and invite a friend to sign up.”

In 2022, more than 5,000 runners crossed the Teodoro Moscoso Bridge.
In 2022, more than 5,000 runners crossed the Teodoro Moscoso Bridge. ([email protected])

The event’s official website suggests that registered participants can make contributions of more than $5, which is included in the registration fee, and help organizations like the Trauma Foundation, which will use the money to educate about traffic injury prevention. , technical training in traumatology, such as stopping bleeding and rehabilitating patients, said its director, Dr. Pablo Rodriguez.

The Puerto Rico 10k Run will hold another press conference in April to finalize the logistical details of the race. But organizers announced that parking spaces for participants and their families are similar to those in 2022, such as parking at the San Juan Mall, Carolina Spa and what used to be ROTC at the University of Puerto Rico. Rico in Rio Piedras.