The dispute between Captains Arecibo and Leo Ponce concluded

The Baloncesto Superior Nacional (BSN) has settled a complaint filed by Lions management over the hiring of Juan Cardona to lead the Capitanes shortly after he left the Ponce franchise. After examining the versions of both sides, it was determined that Arecibo’s management had acted improperly by acquiring Cardona’s services.

The resolution details this Cardona must serve a six-game suspension. He will be credited for the two games he did not play with the Captains after being hired. In addition, Arecibo will have to pay a fine of $5,000, which will go to the Lions. for damages.

Cardona was announced as the Lions’ manager in place of Argentine Sergio Hernandez, who left the position amid a losing streak. Carlos Rivera led the party. Cardona was in charge for two games but did not return due to allegedly not signing Ponce to a long-term contract.

With Arecibo also looking to replace the fired Tony Ruiz, management reached out to Cardona’s agent to check his availability. That’s when the Lions raised a red flag, claiming Cardona’s departure from Ponce was forced by the captains’ interference.

The Lions have gone the other way and Carlos Morales is now the proper coach.