Oscar “Pidepochny” Kolyaso He has overcome the first hurdle on the way to tomorrow, Saturday, a fight against the Filipino Melvin Jerusalem for the title of the World Boxing Organization (WBO).

The Puerto Rican boxer tipped the scales at 105 pounds today, while the monarch did the same at 104.6 pounds.

I feel very, very well. I made the exact weight, no more and no less, as we were working” said Collazo (6-0, 4 KOs) from Indio, California. “I had breakfast before coming to the weigh-in and hydrated my body well. We have always been weight conscious without stopping to eat well. I felt strong on the scale,” he added.

When the announcer announced the weight, Cogliazo couldn’t resist the temptation and screamed.

Oscar Cogliazo showed off his physique during the weigh-in. (Team Collazo)

I said “and new” because that’s what you want, you dream about it, and people supported me at the weigh-in. I wanted to shout it out with such love, passion and inspiration,” he said.

Collazo said his goal is to gain almost 14 pounds by the time he steps into the ring at Fantasy Spring Casino.

“Physically, I am very well, nerves, excitement and dry lips. Our plan is to go up to 118 or 119 pounds like the last fight because that’s where I feel comfortable,” he said.

Cogliaso jumped at the chance to test Jerusalem, who will be putting his first shot at the belt he won last January when he knocked out Masataka Taniguchi in two rounds.

It looks like (Jerusalem) worked hard to make weight, but he was ready and prepared to defend his title. Eyes don’t lie. I looked at him and it is clear that he and the team have doubts. there is insecurity“, he concluded.

The lawsuit will be available through the DAZN app starting at 9:45 p.m. Puerto Rico time.