The New York Mets they activated a Puerto Rican catcher Thomas’ nest after 10 days of injury due to an eye injury called Dry Eye Syndrome.

To make room for Nido, management appointed Gary Sanchez. Now that Sanchez has been removed from the 40-man roster, the Mets have seven days to trade him or place him on waivers so another team can claim him.

Together with Nido, Metz had Francisco Alvarez and Sanchez on the active roster. One of the options was to send minors to Mark Winds keep Sanchez as the alternate designated hitter. However, the experiment ended.

Sanchez appeared in three games for the Mets, had one hit in seven at-bats. Nido lost 14 games.

We were able to understand what was happening and the best solution. They put in some plugs to help with the dryness to keep the eyes lubricated and some allergy medicine. I haven’t had to wear glasses or contact lenses for the past five years, and I had to get used to the prescription,” Nido told The New York Post.