Viktor Jovitsa witnessed its merits and scale Carlos Colon achieved during the five decades they associated with professional wrestling.

Colon had a huge draw, won multiple championships and is a living legend. Thanks to these achievements, he first appeared on the list of nominees for entry into the Puerto Rico Sports Hall of Fame.

Carlos is one of Puerto Rico’s biggest stars” shared Jovica, a Croatian who has lived in Puerto Rico for more than five decades. “There is no park or coliseum that Carlos Colon did not fill. He deserves everything in this world that can be given to him.”

The relationship between Jovika and Kolon has been going on for 55 years. They worked together as partners in the World Wrestling Council (WWC), which will celebrate its 50th anniversary on June 24 with a major event at the Ruben Rodriguez Coliseum in Bayamón.

For Jovica, Colon’s nomination comes at the right time.

“Things come when they’re supposed to. Carlos made Puerto Rico famous and raised the flag high around the world. Carlos deserves to be in the pavilion,” Jovica emphasized.

“Those responsible have put it off until next year, but wrestling and different sports deserve it. They’re still making it because Carlos is alive, he’s healthy, and he’s a perfect human being.”

Jovica claimed that Colon knew about the appointment.

“He’s got a bit of Parkinson’s, but he’s very articulate. When he found out, he was happy. Carlos was a very grateful person, a respectable gentleman and in 50 years he never heard anything negative from him.. Carlos is always my friend, partner, brother, and I will never turn my back on him,” he said.

Another who expressed his feelings about the nomination was Hugo Savinowicz. Their expressions can be seen in the following video.