Extension that Leo Pons and Captains of Arecibo Yesterday, Monday, they asked the BSN to extend until Tuesday the period to file appropriate complaints and defenses regarding the alleged piracy of the Arecibo team during the announcement of the coach’s signing at the weekend. John Cardonareceived a new request for an extension until Friday from the “defendants” in connection with the death of the mother-in-law of the main witness of the northern group, Angel Edgardo Garcia.

This was confirmed to Primera Hora this afternoon by the BSN Tournament Director, Mr. Jose Couto, who explained that he was waiting to hear from the Lions management as to whether he had accepted the request, as well as the Arecibo administration, who informed him that they had agreed.

While the petition is approved and the case is pending, the temporary suspension of Cardona, who was supposed to debut as the leader of the Capitanes last Sunday, but was disqualified from doing so by order of the BSN due to the claim of interference by the lions.

The reason for the Lions’ request is that Cardona was announced three weeks ago as Ponce’s starter and has been in command for two games, allegedly without signing a contract and only agreeing to some verbal terms. In those days, Ponce’s management claimed three weeks ago, Cardona began negotiating through his attorney for Ponce to offer him at least one additional year of contract guarantees, and in the process was used as a pressure card that the Captains’ management was also negotiating. sign the coach.

After filing the case three weeks ago, Arecibo told Leones management that they had answered calls from Cardona’s representative without knowing he was negotiating with southern management. They also assured him that they would not negotiate or sign Cardona. However, three weeks later and after Ponce appointed Carlos Morales as their new leader, the people of Arecibo announced the signing of Cardona last Saturday, prompting Ponce to file an interference suit against BSN.

Meanwhile, Primera Hora has learned that the management of the Lions and Captains are allegedly in talks to settle the case, but are currently unable to reach an agreement, preventing the case from being withdrawn.

If the case moves forward and the piracy case is proven, the Captains could be fined up to $10,000 and Cardona could be suspended for the season.