After the Senate delayed this Thursday the appointment of Nannette Martinez as director of the Puerto Rico Innovation and Technology Service (PRITS), Puerto Rico Governor Pedro Pierluisi Urrutia revoked Hiram’s appointment this afternoon of Torres Montalvo as Secretary of the Department of Consumer Protection. of affairs (DAKO).

“In this case, the appointee did not have the votes for his confirmation and his appointment was withdrawn,” Fortaleza spokeswoman Sheila Anglero told Primera Hora in a written statement.

The governor circulated a letter to Senate President Jose Luis Dalmau Santiago announcing the revocation of the said appointment. The Upper House left for the future to attend the appointment of the DACO chairman.

“While the governor evaluates possible candidates for the new appointment, DACO Undersecretary Lisoanette Gonzalez will be in charge of the agency,” added the La Fortaleza spokesperson.

Earlier, after learning of the Senate’s determination not to budge on the appointment of the PRITS director, the governor took to social media to criticize the legislature’s determination, realizing that in his case, he did indeed have the confirmation votes.

“Today, in sheer bad faith, the Senate of Puerto Rico uploaded an adverse report against PRITS Director Nannette Martinez without notifying all spokespeople that the appointment would be reviewed. The vote was inconclusive, although it was known that the candidate had the votes to reject the report and be confirmed. In fact, the President informed the PNP spokesperson that the appointment will not be considered today,” Pierluisi said in a written statement.

The governor also accused Dalmau Santiago of conducting “a defection procedure and, despite the tie, he did not allow a retrial as established by the Senate’s resolutions.”