Ahead of the 2024 elections, Governor and New Progressive Party (PNP) President Pedro Pierluisi yesterday met with more than 200 lawyers who are part of the electoral army they will use to secure votes.

“Our party is stronger than ever and we have a large group of lawyers advising us. For several years, we have had volunteers lend us their legal expertise to assist the PNP in any legal matters,” Pierluisi said in a press release.

At the meeting, Estadista Legal Team President Ana Quintero and Electoral Commissioner Vanessa Santo Domingo discussed the legal and regulatory processes for next year’s electoral processes.

For the PNP leader, the electoral machinery is “oiled and ready to protect every vote of Puerto Ricans. I thank all the lawyers who have given their time to contribute to the most important cause of our community – to make Puerto Rico the 51st state of the American nation.”

For his part, PNP Secretary Senator Carmelo Rios Santiago asserted that “as part of our efforts to reorganize our party base, it was important to reorganize our legal team; where we have former judges, former secretaries of justice, former agency heads and combined with the experience of our young lawyers, there is no doubt that we will succeed in protecting democracy and equality for all Puerto Ricans.”

The conclave was attended by the representatives of José Pichi Torres Zamora, José Che Pérez, Ángel Mori and Georgi Navarro. So are Senators Thomas Rivera Schatz, Nicea Moran and Migdalia Padilla.