The Department of Family Affairs and the Office of the Ombudsman for Women (OPM) signed a cooperative agreement today, Thursday, to train social workers and family workers on the biopsychosocial and legal aspects of gender-based violence, sexual harassment, domestic violence protocols. at work, sexual harassment, sexual assault, stalking, and crisis intervention, among other topics.

“Continuing education is a key and fundamental aspect of providing women with the services they need with the utmost responsibility, commitment and sensitivity. We are here to support you, listen to you and solve the everyday problems that arise both at work and in your everyday life. We want agencies to have all the tools to guide, educate and do the right thing in these cases,” said attorney Wilmari Rivera.

Meanwhile, Interim Secretary of Family Affairs Cieni Rodríguez Troche explained that “our agency continues to join forces and identify the necessary resources to have a highly qualified task force to provide assistance to any situation and population that is in a vulnerable state . This is what we are called to do as a family.”

OPM will offer workshops to family-selected personnel as required by the Consolidated Designation Act of 2022, SEC. 703, as well as personnel responsible for administering the Temporary Assistance for Low-Income Families (TANF) program. As such, he will lead the implementation of diversion and coordination of services to various private or government agencies, including OPM.

“Our employees work every day with women who have suffered from violence, but do not have the necessary tools. The agency team will be further trained to identify resources and be able to assist them with great sensitivity,” said ADSEF Administrator Alberto Fradera Vazquez.