Puerto Rico Independence Party (PIP) spokeswoman Maria de Lourdes Santiago Negron asked the Senate this afternoon to consider a resolution refusing to censor books about inclusion, diversity and some references to Puerto Rican star Roberto Clemente Walker. next legislative session and Judge Sonia Sotomayor in the Florida State School District.

In a country that aspires to be an example of democracy, this is a gag, this is censorship, this is a witch hunt, this is the eradication of any respect for diversity that this country was supposedly built on. We are entering a mix of racism, exclusivity, and people who represent the worst of what the human race is capable of, embodied right now in these Florida government bodies, the Florida state legislature, and the governor of Florida. (Ron DeSantis)– said the senator at the end of the senatorial session on Thursday.

Santiago Negron added that in the next session he will ask to consider Resolution 739, which was joined as co-sponsors by Senators Ana Irma Rivera Lassen and Rafael Bernabe Rifkhol of the Civic Movement for Victory and Independent Rep. Jose Vargas Vidot.

In today’s session, the Senate approved a bill to amend the Internal Revenue Code to exclude from gross income the entire amount of any forgiven student loan debt.

Although the Puerto Rico Internal Revenue Code of 2011 addresses student loan forgiveness, this measure seeks to clarify that the income exclusion will apply to all student loan debt discharges granted by the federal government.”

“It, [los préstamos estudiantiles]over time has forced many of our students to graduate from university, deep in debt and with few opportunities to earn an income that would allow them to fully meet the requirements to pay it off,” said Senate President Jose Luis Dalmau. Santiago, author of the legislative measure.

The session also approved Senate Bill 45, authored by New Progressive Party (PNP) Deputy Speaker Carmelo Rios Santiago, which seeks to amend the Public Safety Act of Puerto Rico to expand the requirements for the position of commissioner. emergency management and disaster relief and for other related purposes.

Similarly, Senate Bill 533 from New Progressive Sen. William Villafañe Ramos was approved to amend the New Puerto Rico Internal Revenue Code to exempt members of the Probation Officer Corps and Juvenile Services Officers from the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. taxation of items of income accrued for overtime worked.