Governor Pedro Pierluisi said today, Tuesday, that he prefers that the claim of a group of bondholders against the Industrial Development Company (Pridco) be resolved by agreement between the two parties.

As reported last week, the management company of various investment funds, GoldenTree Asset Management LP, sued Pridco, the Fiscal Supervisory Board (JSF) and the Financial Agency and Financial Advice Authority (AAFAF) to demand full payment of the amount owed to it. or instead purchase all of the real estate owned by Pridco, which is estimated to be worth approximately $700 million.

“I am for this dispute to be resolved by consensus, to reach an agreement,” the governor said.

He added that “we had an agreement in principle with the bondholders until, well, the last few days when this lawsuit was filed.”

“And I still hope that an agreement will be reached and that we will not have to spend time and money on litigation,” the governor insisted.

To stop the lawsuit, the group of bondholders is also seeking the appointment of a trustee and defunding of the Department of Economic Development and Commerce (DDEC).

The governor’s remarks came after the presentation of two cooperative agreements to promote labor initiatives in vocational schools at the William Rivera Betancourt High School in Canowanasa.