After spending the weekend, whether it’s partying, relaxing, chinchorreo, the beach or spending time with the family, we have the dreaded feeling that all good things come to an end with the inevitable arrival of Monday.

The memory of having to go back to the office to work, or to school to study, fascinates us. Usually, this feeling starts to manifest on Sunday around 4:00 PM and we start to see how social media is flooded with messages and memes against “damn Monday”.

However, Monday should be a holy day. This is the day when dreams, desires, hopes and goals begin to be built. It is the day that begins the week when we start exercising and dieting to improve our health, we will take a final exam or recertification that ends days, months or years of study, we will sign a contract or close a business. what we worked so hard for.

Monday is also an opportunity to start over and forget the mistakes made. Monday can be a “clean slate”.

Starting the week with a dislike for Monday can directly or indirectly determine how we spend the rest of the week.

On Monday we have to wait for it and accept it with the same enthusiasm as on Friday. Use it to organize your dreams and start realizing your ambitions by turning your New Year’s resolutions into New Week resolutions.

Yes, Monday is annoying, but it’s also a new day that starts a new week with the potential to bring a new opportunity for special events.