A soap opera The surprising return of Diana Salazar I think this was one of the biggest fiascos of the Mexican actress Lucia Mendez, because it happened, without pain or glory… no phew, no fa, in the countries where it appeared.

Using a very whimsical theme that was misused did nothing to help Mendez’s portrayal of Diana at all. The actress had to wear yellow contact lenses and seemed to be from here or there.

Now the telenovela comes again, and Televisa has chosen Sebastian Rulli and Angelique Boyer as the main characters, betting on their two strong horses and very much loved by the Latin American audience. I don’t think they will have any problems with bed scenes or kissing.

All the Mexican company wants is to bet on the best, and even though they didn’t want to, they came together. Angelique Boyer and Sebastian Rulli are a couple in real life.

Ah, but the number of episodes of the telenovela will also be much less than in the original.

Televisa needs to reclaim its throne. Although Livia Brito, a Cuban resident of Mexico, was very successful in the last of these soap operas, the reality is that the genre has declined. There is little left with the themes of Turkish soap operas, if you present several stories in one soap opera with real scenery and spectacular scenery.

So we’re going to have to struggle to make a great soap opera when the original wasn’t there. hmm

We will see Angelique in all her glory with her lover in real and fictional life.

Rosalia and Sirius

What happens to some reggaeton artists or urban singers? They don’t seem to have mothers or sisters and their lyrics and of course the way they get attention is to criticize and make fun of singers or people in between. It is unpleasant for them that the singer has achieved success.

What a pity. It says a lot about his upbringing and what he really represents. 26-year-old Spaniard JC Reyes published several nude photos of singer Rosalia, which she immediately rejected. Rosalia answered him very well. “It’s a form of violence, and it’s disgusting.” oh oh oh

Rosalia put the cap on the pen, especially when she was sure they were fake. That is, anyone can be undressed with photoshop. A suitcase, a suitcase.

We’ll see how people in Spain react when JC Reyes kicks off his tour on May 4th in different cities and Rosalia has a huge fan base.

And on Raw, Alejandro will have a summer tour that will keep him out of Puerto Rico for the entire month of August. Raw will be in Spain, Germany, France, Netherlands, Italy and England with presentations in various important locations. Very well, take advantage of it, because this does not happen every day. Hi. thank you.

Laura spoke well about…

Laura Bozzo was interviewed and raved about Toni Costa and Adamari Lopez, how they are raising Alaia and how well they get along. And he went from heaven to earth, comparing them to Luis Miguel and Araceli Arambula. He even said harsh phrases to the singer.

So Tony and Adamaris, at least with Laura, they won heaven.