We love dogs!

You can say that they are an important part of the family, so it is quite normal that before adopting a dog we think about what its characteristics should be in order to better adapt to the people with whom they are going to share their home. It is important to think about our lifestyle and who we are going to live with, because an elderly person is not the same as a child.

You should understand that adopting a dog is a big responsibility, it requires attention and care. You should also consider that not all dogs are the same; each breed has its own characteristics and needs. The Dogtopia portal recommends taking into account the following keys.


A dog’s emotions can be translated into the level of energy it possesses and its personality; There are dogs that are much more patient or calmer than others.


Size doesn’t necessarily determine whether a dog is good with children (not all big dogs are good for them, and not all small dogs are patient), but it is something to consider in your lifestyle. For example, while all require some supervision when playing with small children, very large and very active breeds may need extra attention to avoid accidents.

Power level

Pet MD recommends that you consider the energy level of the dog you choose, as well as your work hours.

The best breeds for children

Now that you know the three things you should consider, here’s Dogtopia’s list of the best dog breeds for kids that you can adopt if you want them to get along well with little ones. in your house..

golden retriever

One of the most popular breeds for families, it is considered one of the most patient breeds out there and is intelligent, attentive, affectionate and loyal. They can be ideal for children because of their friendly and affectionate personality, in addition to the fact that they can begin to form bonds.

labrador retriever

These types of puppies are among the most popular, not only because of their physique, but also because they are playful, loyal, reliable, protective, and intelligent. They usually adapt well in a short time, in addition to being able to live with other animals and people.


Perhaps one of the ideals on this list. Beagles are friendly, affectionate, and have good energy, so they’ll love running around with kids all day, and they’re the perfect size for kids (although, like everyone else, they need supervision and the understanding that they’re not a toy).