You have probably never thought about how expensive it is to buy furniture for your home. But you should pay attention not only to the price, so we offer you some things that you should consider before buying a sofa, one of those pieces of furniture that are indispensable in the home.

In particular, we will talk about the sofa, because it does not matter what it is called in your family, it is one of the most important pieces of furniture, since we believe that the living room is the most common meeting place with your loved ones.

In addition, the room is a room for relaxing, reading, eating, entertaining, watching TV and even taking a nap.

Before buying, you should consider the following:

Know the difference between fabrics

Specialist Ginny McDonald explained to the Apartament Therapy portal the differences in fabrics, which are key when choosing a sofa. She mentioned the following: “Natural fabrics like linen and cotton are beautiful and soft to the touch. However, they are not so easy to keep clean, especially if you have pets or children.

When natural materials are mixed with man-made fibers such as polyester or acrylic, they retain some of their softness and durability.

Fully synthetic fabrics, on the other hand, can be durable and plush, but they often run the risk of being a bit dull. So-called “performance suedes,” “ultrasuedes,” or “microsuedes” tend to be more tolerant of stains and daily wear.

You can also consider leather or even vegan leather, depending on your preference. Although the “but” here is how expensive they can be.

eye for filling

It is important that you ask about the filling of sofas so that you are not surprised to find that the cushions have sunk in less than a year. On the portal House Beautiful, they claim that the feather lining is the most comfortable, but requires more care, while the foam can quickly lose its shape. His recommendation is a combination of both.

The Good Housekeeping website says that polyurethane foam is an inexpensive and easy-care pillow filler. But stronger, high-density foam may seem stiff, and soft, lower-density foam deteriorates more quickly with constant use. High resistance (HR) foam is a little more expensive, but more comfortable and durable. Polyester fiber is also inexpensive, but it flattens quickly.

Choose stores with fair return policies

We mention this because online shopping has become quite popular. You just have to make sure that the store you want to buy from has a reasonable return policy, because as we said at the beginning, buying a sofa is a great investment.

don’t forget to measure

This is one of the most important points when buying a new piece of furniture, as it is always better to make sure that the sofa will perfectly fill the right space in your home.

You will have to think about whether the sofa you are going to buy will allow you to comfortably walk around it, or whether there will be room for extra seating or a coffee table when you put the item in place. Of course, you also have to think about whether the sofa will fit through the door or up the stairs if you live in a house.

Choose a sofa with removable cushions

At Apartment Therapy, they point out that designer Monica Ross always recommends sofas with loose cushions to her clients and advises them to change the cushions at least once a month.

You can first turn them front to back and then flip them over. That will add years to the sofa, notes Ross.