Content creator Mela Pabon aka @checkinmela on social media where she goes by the persona ‘Madame Mela’ makes her debut in Young Miko’s music video for ‘Lisa’, this after being mentioned by Bad Bunny in the new song alongside Eladio. Carrion, “Coco Chanel”. As if that wasn’t enough, the cosmic character has a collaboration planned for Kali Uchis’ next album

“Madame Mela” is internationally known for her modern and humorous horoscopes. In the latest video of the urban and Puerto Rican singer Young Miko, she appears sleeping among several people after a big party, when “Madame Mela” urges her to change her mind: “psss.psss… Miko… Miko… sit here my queen come here… come here I want to tell you something. Drink this commotion… what if Daniela, what if Lisa, what if the other. You must say to yourself my saint. You’re crazy (holds out the letter to Miko) Be careful with Taurus, HA! This is… a candle…”

The premiere of the music video “Lisa” took place three weeks ago and currently has more than 12 million views on YouTube.

Meanwhile, the artist, also of the urban genre, Eladio Carrion presented a new song with Bad Bunny “Coco Chanel”, in which they mention Madame Mela. This collaboration is part of Eladio Carrion’s new album 3men2KBRN. At minute 1:04 ss Bad Bunny references the character “Madame Mel” and the Puerto Rican astrologer Rukmini: “Scorpions are dangerous, said Mela and Rukmini”.

Finally, those who attend Rauw Alejandro’s concert backstage this Saturday will be able to enjoy Madame Mel’s Judgment Machine, which will be premiered for artists and friends of Rauw Alejandro. The release will be announced to the general public soon.

The author of this artwork is Mariela “Mela” Pabon, who has been sharing fun horoscopes that include the song of the moon for several years. The Puerto Rican, who currently lives in Spain, is enjoying a great moment in her professional career between the international recognition of her character, collaborations with global brands and as a moderator on the red carpets and behind the scenes of major music events such as the Latin GRAMMYs.