The prestigious magazine Time has just released its first issue in Spanish Bad rabbit as the main character.

“Bad Bunny’s World” is the title behind a major interview held in Los Angeles, California, where the urban music star currently resides.

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Vegabajeño talked a lot about his music, fame, politics, movies, WWE and Puerto Rico. Among all that has been said, what remains is his straightforward style of saying what he likes and dislikes, and above all, his determination to act on what really moves or provokes him, regardless of what those around him think.

“(…) I don’t care about fame. I don’t care about the pressure we talked about. I don’t care about that. I am a person. I am human and I make mistakes. I have always said that I will live the way I want. But I’m never limited to acting one way or acting one way because of what they’re going to say or think, no. I’m famous, and I’m still human,” he said in an interview with Andrew R. Chow and Mariah Espada. The inscription in Spanish corresponded to Israel Melendez Ayala.

Regarding Puerto Rico and the United States, he opined that both governments have failed the island, and he also expressed his exasperation with Act 60, which promotes foreign investment in the island, causing other crises such as the gentrification of Puerto Ricans.

“I think the government has failed Puerto Rico, it has failed the United States. Similarly, Puerto Rico failed Puerto Rico. I believe all governments have failed their country at some point,” said the voice after the album and the top-grossing concert tour of 2022, Summer Without You.

Bad Bunny was interviewed as part of his debut at the famous Coachella festival, which begins on April 14. For this important part, he predicted that he is preparing a show that will indicate his roots, but whose main goal will be the satisfaction of the audience.

“I want you to enjoy the ‘show’. I want people to feel free to say, “It’s Coachella, but it’s not Coachella,” we’re next door, on the beach. Coachella has never had anyone where I come from. No one left with what I would take. I want people to feel no pressure or responsibility. We will enjoy where we are now, because we don’t know where we will be later,” he said almost in farewell with an interview, one of the few he offers.