Surrounded by drums, music and dancing, several representatives of the Puerto Rican bombshell, characterized by the fact that they are over 65 years old, were honored this Thursday. The head of the Senate Committee on Education, Tourism and Culture, Ada García Montes, recognized the contribution of a group of men and women from different cities of the island to the preservation of our roots. This tribute is part of the national celebration of Puerto Rican Bomb Day.

Under the motto “Golden Bomb”, the Mayaguez district senator also emphasized that the laureates stand out because they are dancers, singers, players and cultural managers.

“Participating with this important group is an acknowledgment of their legacy, dedication and passion for advancing the bomb across generations. Each of the awardees has a favorite place in the musical creativity of their city and island. They are the forgers of our culture, the admirers of our roots as a people,” García Montes said.

“The bomb is a piece of fine art, so it’s important to emphasize its contribution. It also served as an artistic expression and a means of escape from the horrors of slavery, fraternizing and celebrating events. A genre that entered, took root and transformed in Puerto Rico and still appeals to people of all ages. Music has the power to adapt, influence the state of mind and confirm the culture of our people,” Garcia explained. “This power characterizes the Puerto Rican bomb.”

The honorees were Gladys Rivera, Raquel Ayala, Raul Ayala, Orlando Cepeda and Margie Lassen of Loisa. Ponce’s Ramon Ahlers and Mayagüez’s Alberto Galarza, as well as Guayama’s Nora Kertz, were also recognized. Other honorees were Dr. Modesto Cepeda, Mario Cepeda Brenes and Jesus Cepeda Brenes of San Juan.

Honorees shared and enjoyed with family, friends and senators during the gathering, which was designed to promote the traditions that define the people of Puerto Rico.

The national celebration of Bomb Day was held in the interior garden of the Tropical Medicine building in El Capitolio.