Angels American actor Lance Reddick, known for his role as police lieutenant Cedric Daniels in the TV series “The Wire” (2002), died this Friday at the age of 60 at his home in Los Angeles (USA).

Authorities found the translator’s body dead, and although the cause is unclear, according to local media reports, it was a natural death.

Recently, Reddick has been immersed in the promotion of the fourth part of the “John Wick” saga, in which he played the concierge of the “Continental” hotel, Charon, which is scheduled to premiere on March 24.

A day before his death, the actor last posted on his social networks messages and photos on Instagram, where he expressed his love for his dogs.

Reddick has participated in more than 100 audiovisual projects, including the TV series “Bosch” (2014-2021) with the role of Irvin Irving in more than 60 episodes or “Fringe” (2008-2013), in which he gave life to agent Philip Broyles in 90 episodes .

Another landmark work of his career was the work of detective Johnny Basil from the HBO series “Oz” (2000).

Most recently, Reddick participated in the television series based on the video game of the same name “Resident Evil” (2022), voiced animated characters from programs such as “Farzar” (2022) or “Paradise PD” (2020) and played Batman’s father Thomas Wayne in the podcast ” Batman Unburied” (2022).

Reddick was also slated to be part of John Wick’s Ballerina spin-off, which is currently filming and stars Ana de Armas.

In addition, he has been involved in pending projects such as John Ridley’s Shirley or Calmatic’s White Men Can’t Jump.