this wednesday Netflix premiere MH370: The plane that disappearedseries about flight Malaysian Airlines traces of which were lost in March 2014 and which are still preserved as one of the great mysteries of mankind. The three-part series examines the three main theories about the disappearance that have come to light in the nine years since the event.

With a huge universe of series and movies, the streaming service frequently updates its catalog. Just as there are several departures and modifications, there are also arrivals and premieres on the platform.

In this context, users usually show great interest in mysteries that happen in real life. Documentaries based on the events that happened have a special flavor and know how to stand out from the crowd and not go unnoticed.

For this reason, there are many expectations for MH370: The plane that disappeared, or MH370: The Plane That Disappeared as it is called in English, which focuses on the case of the iconic Boeing 777 that went missing while traveling from Malaysia. to China with 239 people on board. Despite a search that lasted almost three years without finding any wreckage or any clues that would encourage him to continue, the investigation was suspended, and it is still not clear where he crashed, much less what the reasons were that led to this result

The documentary, directed by Louise Malkinson, draws on expert testimony to explain what might have happened. In addition, it also contains interviews with relatives of the victims and archives of media coverage of the disappearance.

Some of the names featured in the documentary include Jeff Wise, Florence de Changy and Ghislaine Vattrelos. While the first two are aviation experts who support certain theories based on their knowledge, the other lost his wife and two children during the flight and conducted an investigation independent of the authorities.

Each of the three chapters of MH370: The Missing Plane is 90 minutes long. And each of them is dedicated to the study of one of the three main theories about flight. “Malaysia Airlines plane with 239 people on board disappears mid-flight, shocking the planet. From experts to amateur detectives looking for an answer,” reads the synopsis that Netflix shows when selecting a series in the catalog.

The choice of March 8 for the premiere is not accidental, because this date marks nine years since the event. On the ninth anniversary, the streaming platform released the episodes.

Although measurements of its playback rate have not yet been released as it is in the early hours of its release, the documentary is expected to be well received given the wide level of interest the case has generated since it happened and that it has persisted throughout many years