Dedicated to those who wrote songs with so much love for their homeland and its people, Chabela Rodríguez and Carlos Esteban Fonseca join their voices in “Acudirán al llamado… Puerto Rico March 11”, a song to the Motherland through the songs of Antonio Cabán Vale “El Topo”.

At the event, which will take place on Saturday, March 11, at 8:30 PM at the Moneró Café Teatro & Bar, located in the Caguas Fine Arts Center, Chabela and Carlos Esteban will embrace the hearts of those in attendance with songs such as: “Verde.” Luz”, “Antonia”, “Show with your hands”, “Las Manos del Campo”, “Si Tengo la Suerte”, “Soneto de Amor”, “Solina Solina” and the theme that gives the name of the concert “They”. will come to the challenge”, among many others.

“This March 11th marks the 52nd anniversary of the historic date in Puerto Rico, when one of the largest student demonstrations we know of took place at the University of Puerto Rico following the death of Antonia Martínez Lagares*. It was this chapter of history that inspired our composer to write “Antonia and they heed the call.” In fact, one of the latter’s verses says, “Like March 11th, throw it out, the people are with us this time,” said actor, singer and entertainer Carlos Esteban Fonseca.

“We want to sing the songs of El Topo, and what better day than March 11, the date of the event that he himself wanted to keep in our memory with his music and poems.” Shabela told us.”

They Will Visit the Bell…Puerto Rico on March 11th is a unique opportunity to enjoy the poetry of Antonio Cabana Vale, voiced by the voices of Chabela and Carlos Esteban, whose voices are beautiful, powerful, and also devoted.

A portion of the proceeds from the concert will benefit our Antonio Cabana Veile “El Topo” and his expenses for this recovery process.

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