Angels The producer of the film “Rust” will make a documentary about the completion of work on the film, as well as about the life and work of the cameraman Galina Hutchins, who died after filming on the set, the specialized media in Hollywood reported on Monday.

The documentary, backed by Hutchins’ widower, will be directed by Rachel Mason and produced by Julie Metz.

The news comes as the film’s gunsmith Hannah Gutierrez-Reid and actor Alec Baldwin face manslaughter charges. The 64-year-old actor was the one who fired the firearm that ended Hutchins’ life. .

Filming of the film is planned to resume in the spring, Bianca Klein will be the new director of photography. In Hutchins’ honor, Klein will donate his salary to charity.

The production company also confirmed that Baldwin will continue to star in the film and that the scene in which Hutchins lost his life will be rewritten, although no further details have been released.

In addition, producers Grant Hill (The Matrix Resurrection, 2021) and Stephen Marinaccio (Trading Innocents, 2012) have joined the team working on Rust, which is also executive produced by Matthew Hutchins, the director’s widower.

Entries will resume with heightened security protocols and a ban on all live weapons and ammunition.

Galina Hutchins was killed when a revolver owned by Alec Baldwin went off on the set of Rust in Santa Fe County, New Mexico, after Gutierrez-Reid allegedly tested the revolver and Halls gave it to her as a “cold weapon » without live ammunition. .

Baldwin has maintained his innocence in various interviews, in which he claimed that Gutierrez-Reid was responsible for ensuring the safety of the guns in “Rust” and that he never pulled the trigger, but rather the gun went off because he was a drawback.

Hutchins’ death also sparked a series of cross-lawsuits, with Baldwin suing crew members, claiming they gave him a loaded firearm, and assistant director David Halls suing him again for “active negligence.”

On February 9, Hutchins’ parents and sister filed a civil negligence lawsuit against Baldwin in Los Angeles Superior Court.