One of the most anticipated moments of the Super Bowl is undoubtedly the halftime show, headlined this year by Rihanna after a seven-year absence from music, and expectations were high as the Barbadian was expected to deliver one of the best performances ever. events, unlike others, which left much to be desired and about which we will tell you right away.

The 2023 Super Bowl break caught the attention of American football locals and strangers, and it had everything to be one of the most successful shows, unlike others that passed without pain or glory or that were big disappointments after the events that marked the history of half the timeas well as Michael Jackson, who became a landmark and a standard for many generations.

Super Bowl XXVI with Gloria Estefan

Perhaps few people remember that at some point it seemed like a great idea to mix the Christmas theme with this sport, and even the talent of Gloria Estefan could not cope with this terrible combination.

In 1992 half the time it featured Christmas music, followed by Olympic figure skaters Brian Boitano and Dorothy Hamill. In the end, the singer Gloria Estefan closed the show that no one remembers, and this may be because, for the next event, Michael Jackson did his thing, erasing everything that happened in the previous years.

Super Bowl XXXIV with Christina Aguilera

No one doubts Christina Aguilera’s talent, but paired with Disney and Enrique Iglesias? That’s right, the show was soft for fans of this sport.

Although it contained positive messages about the earth, the future, and diversity, it did not end magically.

Super Bowl XLVIII with Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake

There will be those who remember this time show, but want to forget it, and that’s because these famous artists gave a show that went down in history thanks to the choreography of “Rock Your Body”, during which Justin ripped off part of the singer’s clothes. Janet Jackson.

The incident between the celebrities before and after was forgotten.

Super Bowl XLVIII with Bruno Mars

Once again, fans of this sport and lovers of modern music placed high hopes on the singer, this time Bruno Mars.

The singer was at the peak of his career but even then he couldn’t deliver as expected, although he showed off his drumming skills and had the presence of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, he couldn’t deliver an epic show.

Super Bowl LIII with Maroon 5

Spongebob and Adam Levine, what could go wrong? It’s just that. California band Maroon 5 tried to go public, but it was boring and disappointing.

Even the appearance of Travis Scott, Big Boy and even SpongeBob couldn’t amount to anything, and for many it was the worst show ever.