The beauty queen Cheyenne van Arle, who represented Belgium at the last Miss Universe contest, was involved in a major road accident on Tuesday, February 7. As stated, the 23-year-old girl was traveling from the province of Kruibek to Antwerp, where she lives, when she had an accident.

According to international media, the Belgian woman, who is also a model and singer, was returning home after visiting her boyfriend when she collided with a truck, sustaining serious injuries.

In the images shared, you can see how the Volvo V40 truck was built under the back of the truck. The car he was driving, by the way, was donated by a Belgian beauty pageant after he became the most beautiful woman in his country. .

The model received head, face, neck and chest injuries. It was even noted that she passed out several times while firefighters were helping her. Despite everything, Cheyenne is still alive and has already been released.

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In social networks, the singer also shared several photos in the hospital, in which you can see in detail the wound in one of her eyes.

Thank you for all the light and love I have received from all of you. I am not active on social media right now because I need to rest. I can’t handle many concussion triggers. But I hope you’ll think about it and take care of it when the going gets tough. I love them all. Lots of love and light,” he wrote in the post.

Therefore, it seems that for now the beauty queen is going to focus on her recovery and cannot hand over the Miss Belgium crown to her successor, whose pageant will take place on February 11. The model was also expected to sing her own song at the event.