The Experimental Room of the Center for Fine Arts in San Juan will be the setting for Federico García Lorca’s classic “Bodas de sangre,” performances of which will take place this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

This work is a tragedy that was published in 1931 and was inspired by real events, a crime that took place in Nihar in 1928. This is a work, the action of which unfolds in the very countryside of Andalusia, and therefore it is considered an authentic pearl of Spanish costume, where Lorca collects elements of Andalusian folklore and traditions.

With a cast that includes Alba Nidia Diaz, Jorge Luis Ramos, Lynnette Torres, Maricarmen Aviles, Cristina Sesto, Mariana Quiles, Jonathan Cardenales, and another new generation of artists that includes Giuseppe Vazquez, Israel Solla, Sonia Rodriguez , Vanessa Alisea, Ruben Rosario, Elised Roman, Jaycee Gonzalez, Astrid Ayala, Belquis Colon, Yadyliz Barbosa, Nicole Cruz, Nydia Resto and Nubia Panto.

The director of this work is Miguel Diffout, the executive producer is Florentino Rodríguez.

Tickets on sale at Bellas Artes (787-620-4444).