They unite for the benefit of cancer patients in the children’s hospital.

Host Yvonne Orsini, host Jaime Maiol and journalist Alex Delgado are the captains of the Uniendo Cabezas 2023 event, which the CAP Foundation organizes every year to raise money for the patients of the oncology department of the pediatric hospital.

The massive shave event will take place next March 30th at 8:00 am at the Coca-Cola Music Hall in the T-Mobile area. But first, the public will have the opportunity to cooperate by buying souvenirs and making direct donations to the foundation.

“I am truly honored that they have chosen me for this group of captains,” Orsini said during a press conference held today to announce the details of the activity. “The CAP Foundation is doing everything possible to make this vacation more pleasant. He’s doing everything he can to give them more access to medicine, to their treatment, and to me that means life,” added the host of Telemundo’s Hoy día. Although it is her first time as a captain, she admitted that she felt an attachment to the collaboration for almost nine years, and praised the decency of many young patients.

“When you go to these kids, the strength they give you is so incredible, because you say, ‘How can this little boy, this child, this young man who is fighting for his life, be able to laugh, want to play? even with treatment?” and you say, “What am I going to complain about in life?” he pondered.

The child captains of this edition are Jose Diaz Gonzalez, 14 years old, and Angela Sofia Torres, 5 years old. Gonzalez, from Moca, has excelled academically and aspires to become a veterinarian. A little girl from Carolina, who was unable to attend the press conference due to treatment, loves the beach, dolls and crafts.

Journalist Alex Delgado started working with the foundation in 2014. “100% of the funds raised stay here in Puerto Rico, so we as communicators need to step up at this time and I want other communicators and public figures to continue to do so. to get involved so that the message continues to spread and reach more depth, because these children have many needs,” explained Jugado Pelota Dura (TeleOnce) commentator. “I was personally in the hospital and I can say that it is a difficult, complicated process. I know that the CAP Foundation and similar foundations are helping to make this process a little more bearable.”

Jaime Mayol has also supported the non-profit organization for more than ten years. “The fact that they believe that you, even if it is the case, attend such an event to popularize it fills you with great honor and is a great responsibility,” emphasized the presenter of Viva la tarde (WapaTV). “We as communicators have that responsibility to get the message across and we’re incredibly proud to be able to talk about everything they do and what they’re working on, all the support they provide, not only to patients, but to their families as well.”

In addition to the mass shave, Uniendo Cabezas 2023 will host a health fair, a blood drive from the Blood Bank (ASEM) and a Uniendo Colitas event for pets. Medical students from the University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus, Ponce University of Medical Sciences, Cariba Central University and the School of Medicine will collaborate at the health fair to provide preventive services to those attending the event. Saint John the Baptist.

The foundation’s collections, which are held entirely in Puerto Rico, support services related to psychological programs, physical therapy and nutrition for companions, among others.

Denise Espinoza, president of the foundation’s board of directors, noted that previous efforts have recently resulted in bone marrow transplant services. “When I visit the hospital, I am very pleased to see the dedication and love of the doctors and all the nurses who work there for our patients. So that we can continue to provide services and support, as this is our mission at Fundación CAP, in the hospital and on the fifth floor, we are happy to inform you that this year the foundation is going to open a vacancy for a care coordinator,” Espinoza announced and informed that part role will be to serve as a facilitator for young patients, their parents, and medical staff in various endeavors.

Those interested can do so through promotional items at the CAP Store on the second floor of Plaza Las Américas until February 26. Businesses and educational institutions can participate in CAPsual Day with this year’s t-shirt. Alternatively, you can send donations through ATH móvil (DONATE/CAP). Those who wish to shave their heads during the event can do so with a minimum donation of $20.

For more information, go to or Facebook/Fundacioncap.