Camilo and Evaluna Montaner are one of the most famous couples in the Spanish entertainment world. Celebrities have managed to win the affection of millions of people who see in them the idealization of what would be an ideal love relationship.

However, rumors of an alleged marital crisis have been swirling in the couple’s family for weeks now as some gossip portals reported that a close person would say that they are in a marriage due to constant arguments.

Whatever the situation, the singers entered into a new controversy after they began to comment on social media that they had made the decision to raise their daughter Indigo with a non-binary gender, a situation that arose after an interview that Echeverri gave in which he spoke of his girl as a “neutral” child, i.e. without gender classifications.

Considering this fact, the translator of “Ambulance” spoke against the speculation and referred to the issue in his stories on Instagram, where he has more than 27.8 million followers, saying that he received a lot of threatening messages and hate from some Internet users because of the topic .

“A few days ago, we received a flurry of questions and intensity from the media, and especially from gossip programs about the supposed news that we decided to identify our daughter as non-binary,” explains Camilo in his first speech.

“We deeply respect the people who make this decision, but this is not our case. They took some of the interview videos out of context where we spoke neutrally about Indigo because we never knew her gender until the day she was born because we never did an ultrasound,” he added.

In addition, he gave an excuse for commenting on his marital crisis, citing that it is just baseless gossip in the media. On the other hand, it also somewhat reflected the LGBTIQ+ community and what they have to endure in a society that stigmatizes them.

“We thought about not talking about it and keeping it to ourselves, like the 50 times they said our marriage was in crisis, that we were going to divorce, etc… But we discovered the amount of hateful and judgmental messages we received. worrying,” he said.

“We didn’t think about how people in the LGBTQ+ community might feel in the face of a world pointing at them, judging them, pointing fingers and condemning them. Imagine how intense and difficult it can be for a person who goes through such a process of recognition and finds himself in a society full of stones in his hands, waiting for the first signal to throw it away,” he concluded.

This ultimately hides the speculation that revolved around the Montaner family, which, among other things, is very much commented on today, because at the end of 2022 they presented their own reality show that shows the everyday life of celebrities.