Luis Miguel He has just released a video showing his music pushing boundaries because he is not happy with the display – a few weeks ago – of a letter where Frank Sinatra talks to him about his admiration for him for being an authentic translator. now he shows it Celine Dion She is also a huge fan of his and there is proof of it! Well, “el Sol de México” shared a video where the mezzo-soprano describes Luismi with adjectives like “beautiful” and “fantastic”.

When Luismi’s fans still haven’t fully recovered from not getting tickets to his upcoming tour, after the demand to witness the singer’s return to the stage sold out all available tickets, “El Sol de México” added salt to the wound. , sharing a video of none other than the famous Canadian singer talking to an international reporter about the admiration she has for the 53-year-old translator that goes back decades.

Performer of the famous song “Titanic”; “My heart will go on,” he begins in French, a language also spoken in Canada, to a reporter who asks if she knows who Luis Miguel is, and immediately gives way to talk a little about the singer’s qualities, demonstrating that “The Sun” and his talent have been breaking barriers for years, as he is not the first international artist to praise his vocal and interpretive abilities.

“Do you know Luis Miguel?” Dion asks the reporter, and before getting an answer, she continues: “He’s an incredible Spanish singer, he’s beautiful, he’s fantastic and he sings like no other,” he says firmly. .

Celine goes on to say that the singer contacted her about wanting to record a song with her, which would be an English version of “Somos novios”, a composition by Armando Manzanero, originally published in 1968, which was translated into Anglo-Saxon by Sid Weim in 1970, performed by the popular singer Perry Como called “It’s Impossible”.

“He asked me to record a song with him to put on his album,” she said. “Of course you know the song ‘It’s Impossible,'” he said, humming Teacher Manzanero’s tune: “It’s a beautiful song, the original is in Spanish, it’s a song in Spanish that’s been translated into English,” he explained.

It was then that the singer emphasized that Luismi wanted them to record a song together, which she said was a great honor for her because she considered him a great singer, for which she liked the idea because for Celine, she elaborated – she had done no better than to share one of his greatest passions; singing, with other artists with whom he shared the same impulse.

“When the song is so good and my partner sings so well, I record it. Maybe people will say, “Oh, another duet?” It can’t be!” I don’t see it that way, I don’t see it as another duet… sharing what I love most with someone who loves to sing as much as I do,” concludes the famous singer.

And indeed, a Canadian and a Mexican recorded this song in English and Spanish, which was released in 1994 in the repertoire of the album “Romance”.

Less than an hour after Lusimi’s social media posted the video, it has already generated tons of reactions and hundreds of retweets.