Yalitsa Aparicio is just one of six Mexican personalities who have joined Disney’s Voices of Diversity campaign to inspire people of all ages to fight for equal opportunities.

The initiative looks for real and inspiring characters to identify with some of the most representative characters from their magical stories and show how they see them reflected in their everyday lives. In this sense, the heroine of “Roma” assured that she is closest to Moana, since both had to leave their homes to go in search of achieving their goals.

“We both left the place where we grew up but never gave up on our dream to continue and thus be able to turn any adverse situation into a learning moment by facing our own fears,” said the woman from Oaxaca.

A teacher by profession, Aparicio has managed to rise to the top of show business, she was even nominated for an Oscar after her first film, but apart from achieving fame, she has only one dream – to find someone “worthy”. representing diversity on screen”.

And that’s what she mentioned, in her early days, there were a lot of people who criticized her just for being who she was.

“When I started in the film business, there were comments about my background and my body. They told me ‘you don’t belong here,'” she said.

However, like the cartoon character, he realized that he can do many things, no matter what others tell him.

“We can really help people fight for their dreams and also make others respect each other’s rights,” he said.

Stories that inspire

In addition to Yalitsa, the cast of “Voices for Diversity” consists of santiago coronatrans young; Morganna Lyubovtrans actress and singer; Gustavo Sanchezmulti-medalist of the Paralympic Games; Michelle Rodriguez, actress and comedian; and Socorro Casillasactress and teacher of sign language.

Each of them proves to be a true source of inspiration because of the obstacles they had to overcome to achieve their dreams, especially Santiago and Morganna, who had to experience bullying and discrimination firsthand while standing up for who they are.

Corona explained that it was at the age of seven that he realized he was different, but it wasn’t until the age of 14, when he was still very young, that he began to assert himself. His story reminds him a bit of “Heracles” so that’s the character he used to represent himself.

“He had a dream to become a god, but for that he had to go through a difficult process, many times he faltered, and I see my situation like this, part of my transition,” he said in an interview with El Universal. .

Love, for her part, said that the challenges she had to overcome made her a much stronger and braver woman, something she shares with “Ariel,” the main character of “The Little Mermaid.”

“It gives meaning to the differences between people, to tell our story, how we went through the hardships of being people who are different from the norms of this world, of this society in Mexico,” he said.