Kani Garcia continues to make the world fall in love with her music and now, after successfully performing to packed stages across Latin America with her world tour, she surprises her fans with the release of her new music single, Does not work.

The song, written by Kani herself and produced by Richie Lopez and Rafa Arcaute, returns to the romanticism and sensitivity that characterize the Puerto Rican with a special touch of regional Mexican music. The theme tells the story of a relationship that has ended but continues to affect one party who has not been able to overcome the breakup.

“Out of Service is a very beautiful subject, very subtly telling of the duel that one party often goes through when a breakup ends. When the routine you’ve known and the life plans you’ve had come crashing down, you feel out of sorts for a while. It’s part of the love process that transforms, and that’s what we wanted to convey in this concept. A song to feel it, to tell it with the soul, but still have hope that everything passes and everything turns out well in the end. I hope that people will embrace it and enjoy it with the same affection with which they embrace all of my projects,” explained the artist in a press release. A music video that was recorded in Madrid and directed by Martin Seipel.

For his part, Kani is experiencing a moment full of success and great achievements in his career. With his world tour, he has already visited more than 15 cities in Latin and South America, his last concerts were in Chile, Uruguay and Argentina to full houses, and on May 26 he is preparing to perform in Buenos Aires. Additionally, he will be arriving in the US on August 30 for his US 2023 tour.