Returning for his second release after breaking a 14-year silence in the music industry, Vico C unleashes ‘Ella Va’, a theatrical reggaeton song with a fusion of urban and electronic elements that aims to make an impact on the urban music scene.

This release follows the success of “Ask Your Papá Por Mii”, where he expressed his opinion on the current urban genre. The two singles couldn’t be more different as he changes pace with “Ella Va” focusing on a young woman searching for freedom and happiness. Vico Si’s profound lyrics chronicle her journey as she realizes that physical beauty does not satisfy her and leaves her empty until she embarks on a spiritual journey.

The music video for “Ella Va” visually describes the story of the song in a cinematic style, bringing Vico C’s vision to life and reinforcing his words. He combines unexpected sounds to create a unique rhythm that represents his versatility and his incomparable musical sound.

Vico C is working on his next album. “Ella Va” single is available worldwide on all your favorite digital streaming platforms.