“How to convince your family to vote I approve,” reads a meme featuring Shayanna next to a proposal for a new Constitution that was ultimately rejected on September 4, 2022. The photo was published on President Gabriel’s Instagram account. Borich, although he was later removed, blaming a “mistake” by the president’s communications team.

Then those who collaborate with the Puerto Rican took issue with it, clarifying that the artist never supports any political campaigns. However, the matter did not end there, as this week it became known about a lawsuit brought by the translator “Provócame” in Chile.

This was just one of the situations that forced him to make a decision: in recent weeks, the singer and his team hired the services of the law firm Santa Cruz IP, which was in the hands of Maximiliano Santa Cruz, former director of the National Institute of Industrial Property – to be able to protect his image and brand before in any cases related to records, recordings, costumes, concert arrangements or perfumes.

On the other hand, as La Tercera revealed, lawyer Manuel Blanco of Aninat research will be in charge of corporate legal matters. The two corporations are working together to protect Shayanna’s image in Chile and its trademark, which is already registered with the National Institute of Industrial Property. Blanco explained that while the deadlock over the constitutional draft influenced this decision, it was not the only one. In 2022, Chile repeatedly tried to use the image of the Puerto Rican for political purposes, despite the fact that the singer never expressed his preferences out of respect for the beliefs of his audience.