Puerto Rico’s House of Representatives honored Dayanara Torres this morning in honor of the thirtieth anniversary of her crowning as Miss Universe on May 21, 1993 in Mexico.

In Julio Tomás Martínez’s room, on the first floor of El Capitolio, there was a huge image of Dayanara de la nocturna, which was crowned in the middle of the protocol act.

“Totally grateful,” expressed the feelings of the TV presenter in connection with this recognition and a series of events organized in the country in recent days and which will continue until Sunday in Toa Alta.

“The hall is decorated by our queen, Dayanara Torres,” Legislative President Rafael “Tatito” Hernandez said during his address before presenting him with an official recognition from the House of Representatives and a piece of his portrait from the House of Representatives. artist Marcos Alegria.

During the speech, he received a commemorative piece depicting the artist Marcos Alegria from the president of the Chamber, Rafael “Tatito” Hernandez. (Ramon “Tonito” Zayas)

Likewise, Dayanara received a plaque from Toa Alta Mayor Clemente “Chito” Agosto and his wife.

“I’ve been through a lot in the last 30 years; many triumphs, many great things and other not so good things. But to know that in all these moments my city, my people, Puerto Rico, are always there to support me and even pray for me, it is priceless. I will always be grateful for that. I’ve always told my kids, Christian and Ryan, that I outshine them all, whether it’s because of my faith or because of my faith, because I always put God first, because I’m brave, because I’m brave, because that I am a warrior That’s why, if you ask me, I say because I’m Puerto Rican. And that’s who we are, we get up after every song, with more strength and pride than before. What a blessing for me to be born here. I will forever be proud to be Puerto Rican,” said Miss Universe 1993, who was flanked by her children and mother Lucy Delgado after the ceremony.