actor and comedian Raymond Arrieta He admits that the adjective “hero” does not fit him because the only thing “I did was go to the front and people follow me, but the success belongs to all of Puerto Rico.”

That’s how he summed up his 14-year feat this morning with the “Da Vida walking with Raymond” walk for the benefit of the patients of the Dr. Isaac Gonzalez Martínez Cancer Hospital, which will begin its fifteenth edition next Wednesday, May 31, and that the most profitable charity event for hospital on the island is completed.

Over the past 14 years, “Da Vida” has raised $15,151,066 for cancer patients in Puerto Rico through 87 days of walking and a total of 1,024 miles covered by the country’s municipalities, producer Tony Mogena announced today, as he joined the Telemundo team and staff families to congratulate the big a social project in which thousands of Puerto Ricans express solidarity and help.

“It’s been 15 years and this is the last walk, because later we will announce a new initiative to continue helping oncology. Now my wife and my kids are telling me to stop because they’re hurting (he remembered regretfully) and I’m more than in pain, my legs… I’ve been in the hospital twice and had big scares. But I’m fine. No matter how much you train, and I’ve been doing it all this time, it’s difficult to train the heart (he pauses when a crumb appears in his throat). But we will continue to help. This trip will be dedicated to Pedro Alisea, who accompanied me during all these walks and was with us,” said the artist with tears, remembering the former director of the space. Day after daywho died on May 14 from cancer.

“I have been blessed with the opportunity to go to so many cities and places that I had no idea about. We are going to take with us the memory of how lucky we are to receive the love of so many people, patients and residents of Puerto Rico. Thank you all, my Telemundo family, my family and I will enjoy this ride. We are going to a party,” the host added.

For Arrieta, Mohena and Channel 2 Liaison Officer Elia Calvo, remembering whoever the director Day after day it was a difficult moment that brought them to tears during the press conference. Also the host Raymond and his friends He announced that, as in other years, he was overcome with emotion, so he was “going to cry from now on.”

In fact, during a meeting with the media and sponsors, he could not hold back tears, watching various videos and moments of walks over the past 14 years.

The experience that the artist cherishes is unparalleled, considering the pleasure of being the main witness to watch patients completely cured of their disease thanks to the treatment received in the cancer hospital.

This is the case of the patient Avilda Vasquez, who during one of the walks greeted Arrieta and promised him that she would see him again when the disease was no longer in her body. Vasquez kissed his shirt as a promise. Today, a healthy patient surprised Arrieta at a press conference and kissed his shirt again as a thank you.

Arrieta came down with bronchitis a few weeks ago and said he is already very healthy and ready for a route that involves effort and physical and psychological exhaustion.

“It always happens with me before a walk that I get sick… I think it’s emotions, but we are already very healthy and ready for next Wednesday. My dear volunteers, thank you, we couldn’t have done it without you… Who would have thought that 15 years have passed. This trip will be tough and hot, with temperatures of 100+ degrees. We already have our masters and doctorates to know what to do and how to take care of ourselves. Many thanks to my sponsors. I was in the hospital and the patients are extremely grateful,” said the artist, who hopes that everything will end “well” for him and the entire walking team.

Route in six days

This year, the route includes a route from Ponce to San Juan, as was done in the first edition in 2009, when Arrieta accepted the invitation of Edgardo Huertas to emulate the charity work done decades ago by the late comedian Ramon Rivera “Diplo” for the benefit of patients. It was Diplo’s son who launched the challenge, and Arrieta revealed that they raised $200,000 in this first go.

The first part will be held on Wednesday, May 31, from San Lucas Hospital in Ponce to Juan Diaz Square. On Thursday, June 1, they will travel from Hermanos Marrero Stadium in Aibonito to Pedro Montañez Stadium in Cayey. The next day they will travel from the Pedro Montañez Stadium in Cayey to the Beatriz district in Caguas. On Saturday, June 3, the journey will begin in the Beatriz neighborhood and end in front of the Ciudad Criolla Government Center. On Sunday, June 4, the walk will start from Jose Mercado Avenue in Caguas to the Police Association in Guaynabo. The final stage will take place on Monday, June 5, after the end of the Police Association for the grand closing at Hiram Beethorn Stadium.

Arrieta’s parents, Ramon Arrieta and Carmine Vazquez, were at the conference along with Edgardo Huertas, who described Arrieta as one of the noblest men this earth has ever produced. The medical team of the oncology hospital also arrived.

In addition to this media, Arrieta confirmed that his father, who was diagnosed with cancer last year, is still undergoing treatment after the surgery he had “to remove the cancer, but he is doing very well and they will see him in the golf cart watching the by me.”