singer Lucesita Benitez was greeted with a standing ovation as the curtain rose on her “Forever” concert Saturday night at the Antonio Paoli Hall of the White Arts Center in Santurce, where she performed the classic popular music “El club del clán”.

Thus began a memorable evening for the National Voice of Puerto Rico after reuniting with his audience in what was a journey through his impeccable career spanning more than 60 years.

The translator addressed the excited audience, confirming that “there is a country that loves me and loves me. They had no idea how much I wanted to perform.” She immediately performed “A Place for Two”, the song with which she was recognized as “La Reina de la Juventud”.

The exquisite musical evening continued with the songs “El rebelde”, “Virgen negra” and “Hello Soledad”, a song for which she received a standing ovation, as she also did during the performance of “Yo que no vivo sin ti” and at many other moments of the night. Other songs such as “Acompáñame”, “El rebelde (2)”, a career-long set that included “Tell me pain”, “I forgive you” and “Why are you leaving?”, stood out in the first part of the show. .

The second part began with the songs “Cabalgata”, “Bailemos otra vez”, “Uno”, “Júrame”, “How are you doing without me”, “Fruta verde”, “Decisión”, “Que te va bien” and “You to me is also needed.” One of the most emotional moments of the evening was the interpretation of the hymn “Génesis” by Guillermo Venegas Lloveras.

Musical direction of “Forever” was maestro Hector “Ito” Colon and an orchestra of the most outstanding musicians and choristers from the patio. The evening culminated in full music when Lucesita promised a meeting on December 16 with a Christmas concert in the same hall of the Santurce Fine Arts Center.